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We Also Grade For the South & Central American Markets. We Welcome Inquiries From: Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Bolivia & Costa Rica.


Currently Looking For More Customers In East & West Africa



Angola, Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Congo, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania


We Supply

* Summer Tropical Mix
* 100/1000 lb bales or 55 KGS
* Mix Clothing * Shirts and Men's Items * Ladies and Children items
* Mix Clothing
* Cotton, Mix and Acryllic Sweaters
* Quilts, Shawls, HHR
* CNF Pricing.
* Branded Shirts, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
* Levis and Wrangler Jeans
* Cartoon characters

* Special Mixta Calor
* Nino #1, Sexy Blousa y todo.
* #1 en calidad y servicio


Our Services
With capabilities of catering to several markets at the same time, we offer a large variety of market specific merchandise to our customers.

Our merchandise is well recognized in Africa. From Conakry, Tema, Liberia, Congo, Nigeria to Angola, demand for our bales remain strong. Uganda and Kenya are a strong market for us in East Africa.

To supply all these markets we can produce bales 100 lbs, 160 lbs, 180 lbs, 55 Kgs, 100 PCs, 200 PCs and 400 PCs based on the request of the customer. over 8 years.

RAGS 2000 produces a wide variety of merchandise for Indian markets. We mutilate woolen hosiery, woolen rags, acrylic sweaters and have a capacity to ship a total of 25 containers a month with this merchandise only being shipped to ICD Delhi.

We also ship for cut wiper material to be processed at K.A.S.E.Z. Containers of mixed used clothing in small or giant bales are also available for sale. If you are in the market for this merchandise then you have heard our name and seen our quality.

We have more than enough capacity to take on new customers and welcome your inquiries for orders in any market.

Call Mr. Saleem Gagai at 713-674-7247 Ext.10 or write to him at and discuss your order today!

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