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We Also Grade For the South & Central American Markets. We Welcome Inquiries From: Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Bolivia & Costa Rica.


Currently Looking For More Customers In East & West Africa



Angola, Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Congo, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania


We Supply

* Summer Tropical Mix
* 100/1000 lb bales or 55 KGS
* Mix Clothing * Shirts and Men's Items * Ladies and Children items
* Mix Clothing
* Cotton, Mix and Acryllic Sweaters
* Quilts, Shawls, HHR
* CNF Pricing.
* Branded Shirts, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
* Levis and Wrangler Jeans
* Cartoon characters

* Special Mixta Calor
* Nino #1, Sexy Blousa y todo.
* #1 en calidad y servicio


About Rags 2000
Worldwide supplier of used clothing
We always have and even stride today to give the customer the best possible value available in the market. We understand that the customer’s success holds our success and keeping that as our slogan we have molded our business structure to offer the most accommodating atmosphere for the customer. Whether you are dealing in used clothing, wipers or vintage clothing, you are important to us and we will guarantee your satisfaction in any transaction.

Currently we employ 90 workers who work in our 80,000 sq. feet facility in Houston, TX – USA. We see our employees as our greatest asset and go to extreme lengths to avoid employee turnover and maintain quality processing of product. We are proud to boast that our managers and key employees have been with us since our doors opened for operation. On a typical day our skilled workers are capable to process more than 100,000 lbs a day or 2.5 million lbs a month.

We see raw product as our life line and for this we source from all over the United States. This allows us to have a rich mix of product to choose from and cater to all in needs in any given market. Each source is closely analyzed on a continuous basis to insure quality product.

Over the years we have been selective in keeping the correct customer base to keep a healthy relationship with our customers. We have a system in place where we do not force saturation of product in one market by supplying to more than customer in any given market. This reduces unwanted competition for the existing customer and maintains a healthy supply to the customer as well.

Over the years we have supplied product to customer in South & Central America, East Africa, West Africa, The Middle East, The Mediterranean Markets, The Indian Subcontinent, and The Far East where we are able to supply the Japanese and Cambodian customers with bulk full container shipments.

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